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5 Reasons Weddings are Getting Pricier for Guests to Attend

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Everybody knows that weddings are expensive. The price tag associated is pretty hefty for the couple and their families. In fact, the cost of a wedding can be more than a down payment on a house. While you may think that it's only pricey for the married couple-to-be — another person the wedding is often quite expensive for is the guest. The average wedding attendee will spend over $700 on a wedding. If you're wondering how this could possibly be, we've compiled the five reasons that weddings are getting pricier for guests.

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1. More Events, More Gifts

Not only are guests giving a gift on the wedding day, but they are also giving gifts for pre-wedding festivities. Think: the bachelorette party, the bridal shower, and perhaps even the engagement party, too.

2. Traveling Expenses

More and more, couples are opting for destination weddings or venue locales that aren't near their families and friends. Travel expenses can be exorbitant, especially if the nuptials are planned for a holiday weekend.

3. Two-Night Minimums

These days wedding celebrations aren't only taking place on one evening. Often the couple of honor will make a weekend out of it &mdash; creating events for the night before and the morning after &mdash; and guests are expected to make a mini-vacation out of the weekend. Multiple events equals multiple hotel night payments required.

4. Social Media

With social media taking center stage at weddings and other pre-wedding events, some guests don't want to be caught wearing the same outfit twice. Spending money on original ensembles for the rehearsal, bridal shower, and bachelorette festivities &mdash; let alone the wedding &mdash; can easily cost several hundred dollars per event.

5. Plus-One Payments

Since some couples are getting more flexible with their plus one attendee allowances, guests are often feeling obligated to give a gift that covers the cost of the reception plate for both themselves and their plus-one.

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