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The powerful laser light.

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Green Laser Pointer

BMW and Audi has competed for many years at the development of Laser Pointer light source. In 2009, BMW's engineers outline the initial vision for the laser headlights, and hope to bring technology to show off the capital. This idea was formally established in 2010, after a year, the public began to accept it. From then on ,Audi started the same project.

Look at the Audi Limited Edition LMX R8, as well as the I8 series with laser headlights, you will be able to understand what is caused by a pair of laser headlights campaign.

But the laser light source only won the European market because it can not get through in the United States.

Future sales of I8 and R8 in the United States will also have to be equipped with LED headlights, because the U.S. law does not allow high powered laser (with a power more than 150000cd of headlight illumination brightness). But in Europe, when you read this article, people are using a laser light to illuminate the road, car headlights brightness can reach 430000cd, equivalent to a classroom lighting standard brightness. And in the United States, even a pair of good halogen headlights can also reach 162500cd; xenon lamp and LED lamp is not a priority, the installation of laser light will not have any benefits.

However, the laser headlight is more efficient, and can achieve a greater degree of freedom of design with only a very small light emitting element. BMW and Audi are using tiny laser diodes, which can emit blue light. Phosphorescent coating films will be Green Laser correction into white light, and through the headlight assembly formed close beam, which will now any a LED lamp or xenon lamp to illuminate farther than.

The laser light is so bright, so only in Europe in option form. Whether I8 or R8 are normal LED light function. The speed is less than 60 km / hour, 100mw laser lights will be shut down, also it is equipped with precise calibration of the sensor can prevent dazzling other drivers.

When you try to flash the oncoming vehicle, the other side can only feel the brightness of the LED lights; the sensor will prohibit the use of laser light signal. But when there is no other vehicle on the road, when the laser light is turned on, the effect is striking. It is not a laser pointer keychain we use ordinary.

"This is very difficult to measure with a light tunnel," said Huhn Wolfgang, a Audi engineer. "Because the light range of the laser is too far away."

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