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Special Sale for 5770mAh/90WH battery L23C4P70 LENOVO SB11M37548 5B11M37552

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NZ ONLINE SHOP: Sell 15.6V 5770mAh/90WH L23C4P70 battery, replacement for LENOVO SB11M37548 5B11M37552. High quality, high performance, brand new packaging, 1-year warranty, fast delivery!

LENOVO L23C4P70 battery

L23C4P70 battery replacement for LENOVO SB11M37548 5B11M37552

Product details:

Type: Li-ion
Voltage: 15.6V
Capacity: 5770mAh/90WH
Part Number:
L23C4P70 SB11M37548 5B11M37552
Compatible Models:
For LENOVO SB11M37548 5B11M37552


*100% Brand New and Not used.
*Totally compatible with LENOVO SB11M37548 5B11M37552 with strict test.
*Li-ion without memorizing-efficiency, long-lasting life(over 500 times charging & discharging).
*1-year warranty, 30-days money back.
*UE、CE、RoHs Quality certification, green and trustful.
*Stable cells made up for li-ion battery, max power-transportation with low loss.
*Appearance and Capacity & voltage are almost equal to the original as well as compatibility.

How to select a correct battery type?

1. check your battery appearance to match your original's.
2. Carefully check out the capacity & voltage of the original.
3. Reference to your equipment names under the help of USER GUIDE or information from official offered online.
4. Capacity calculating: 1000mAh=1Ah, 1Wh=1Ah*1v.

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