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Replacement Laptop Battery for LENOVO L22X4PF3

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LENOVO L22X4PF3 Laptop Battery, high quality Battery, Compatible with LENOVO L22X4PF3 battery, can replace your original battery. 1 year Warranty, 100% Guarantee Quality and Fully Test!L22X4PF3 battery

Brand New LENOVO L22X4PF3 replacement battery for Lenovo Laptop PC 4725mAh/73.5WH 15.56V


Battery Compatibility Name: Lenovo notebook battery
Battery Application: Laptop PC
Chemical Materials: Li-ion
Rated Capacity: 4725mAh/73.5WH
Standard Voltage: 15.56V
Part Numbers:
Compatible Models:
For LENOVO IdeaPad 5 Pro 14IRH8 83AL

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JP: LENOVO L22X4PF3 ノートブックバッテリー
FR: LENOVO L22X4PF3 Batterie Portable
ES: LENOVO L22X4PF3 Batería del portátil
IT: LENOVO L22X4PF3 Batteria per notebook
PL: LENOVO L22X4PF3 Bateria Do Laptopów
US: LENOVO L22X4PF3 Notebook battery

Why Buy L22X4PF3 Battery From Here?

With the international Standard Control from R&D, Manufacturing and test, Our battery for L22X4PF3 have passed CE, UL, ROHS, ISO9001,QS9000 and TS16949.
At least Save up to 30% from our site battery shopping. We can provide cheap and high quality L22X4PF3 batteries to benefit our customers.
We provide timely delivery to our customers. We will shipping the battery immediately after got your payment. It is usually take 7-15 business days for you get the replacement L22X4PF3 battery.

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