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In the World Cup, air jordan 11 low barons
the host Russia has stunned the world. This Russia is the world's lowest ranked World Cup 32 (70th), but they accidentally reached the top 8, and even eliminated the powerful Spain. However, Russia’s outstanding achievements have been questioned, and there are allegations that Russia’s performance is achieved by drugs.
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The German "Süddeutsche Zeitung" reported that Russian players improved their level of exercise by sniffing ammonia during the World Cup. According to the report, a Russian spokesperson revealed that the Russian substitute player used this method in the knockout match with Spain. He deliberately smelled the cotton ball soaked in ammonia water before playing. Ammonia is not classified as a banned drug in the International Anti-Doping Regulations, but ammonia can stimulate breathing and increase the flow of oxygen in the blood, thereby improving the athlete's athletic performance. The Süddeutsche Zeitung commented that the use of ammonia in Russia is as common as the use of shampoo in people taking a bath.

In addition, the German "Pictorial" also reported that Russian players often make nose-sucking actions against Croatia, which is also the performance of using stimulant drugs.

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