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How Sex Dolls Are Made
Have you ever wondered about the origins of the sex dolls around you when rationality takes over? How do materials like metal, silicone or TPE undergo some industrial “magic” to become this incredibly realistic huge breasted sex doll? Why does the combination of these industrial raw materials give rise to inaccessible and expensive sex dolls? Is it even possible for me to create a sex doll myself? Well, if these questions managed to arouse your curiosity, then join us in unveiling the mysterious veil of poupée sexuel bbw production. Since the manufacturing processes employed by each manufacturer may vary, this blog primarily provides a macroscopic perspective on how sex dolls are made.

Step 1: Design and modeling
This stage begins with the design and drawing of a doll on paper by professional artists. The design encompasses the body shape, facial features and other features of the doll. It can be said that the artist's unique design language is integrated into the doll's model, much like haute couture. Subsequently, these drawings are used to create a three-dimensional model of the Tifa sex doll.

Step 2: Creating the mold:
Once the design is complete, the manufacturer will create molds based on the 3D model. The doll's head, being the most detailed part, is usually made separately as its own mold. There are, however, exceptions to this rule, described below. The doll's body, on the other hand, is usually processed as a whole and requires only one mold. However, some factories may choose to build the doll's arms and legs separately. Regardless of the manufacturing process, molds play a crucial role in determining the shape and size of the poupée sexuelle à énormes seins. Additionally, molds must be made from materials that are resistant to high temperatures and have sufficient flexibility. This is necessary to facilitate the subsequent stages of casting and demoulding.

It is important to understand that using different molds to make a doll's head and body can significantly reduce the costs of the sex doll production process, because different heads can be combined with different bodies. However, the tifa sex doll with integrated head and body cannot achieve this, which is why seamless sex dolls are more expensive. Prominent doll makers like Piper Doll use this technique. Although dolls made this way may not meet the specific customization needs of some customers, they are all one of a kind.

In addition to using 3D models to create molds, these can sometimes also be based on real human models. In such cases, the model's skin is smeared with petroleum jelly or other lubricants, and plaster or rubber is poured over their body. Once completely hardened, the mold is formed. This technique is used in the production of some Qita torso poupée sexuelle anime.

Step 3: Place the Skeleton
After selecting a suitable skeleton according to the customer's doll size requirements, workers will use metal wires to fix the skeleton inside the prepared mold. This is an extremely careful step in the process of making a mini poupée sexuelle, as any mistakes at this stage can render the doll produced unusable. As for the doll's skeleton, it is the unsung hero that allows the doll to move and pose flexibly. There are generally two types of skeletons: standard skeletons and EVO skeletons. Of course, some manufacturers have also developed their own unique skeletons. For more information about skeletons, you can click here: "What is a sex doll skeleton?" to read the corresponding blog.

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