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How to Use Your Smartphone For Learning道場

How to Use Your Smartphone For Learning道場


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How to Use Your Smartphone For Learning

If you're looking for a new way to learn, consider using your smartphone for learning. You can use apps that enable you to take notes and create flash cards. Many of them also come with audio recording functionality. Video chat is another great option for learning. By using these applications to support your learning, you can make your learning more personalized for your students. This way, they'll be more engaged and motivated to work on their learning.

MindMapping apps

You can use mind mapping applications for your mobile device to enhance your learning process. There are many free mind mapping apps available. You can use it to make presentations, add links, notes, and more. You can also download your maps and take notes right on the app. This apps is ideal for brainstorming sessions.

Study assistance platforms

It's not a secret that you use your phone to find useful blogs or web resources when you want to learn something new. But you also can look for a list of resources that help you with doing school or college assignments. Choose ones with good reputations and affordable prices, like Paperhelp. You can read а paperhelp review to see whether this platform is right for you.

Audio recording functionality

Almost every phone today comes with some form of audio recording functionality. If you are interested in recording a lecture or teaching session, you can download an app that will allow you to record audio. While the apps may vary slightly, most of them provide the basic functionality. To start recording, tap the red circle button and select "record."

Flashcard apps

Learners will find many benefits to using smartphone flash card apps, such as highlighting, sharing, and customisation. These apps can help you learn any subject and have multiple learning options. With these apps, you can study anything from French to Mandarin, and can add images and information to your flashcards to make them more engaging. With a few apps, you can even use your smartphone for more than just flashcards.

Video chat

One of the biggest advantages of using video chat on a smartphone is its mobility. Video chat is easily accessible from any device, and smartphones are particularly good for this purpose. Depending on your smartphone, you can host up to eight people at one time with a single call. If you prefer, you can set up an account in Facebook Messenger Rooms to host multiple conversations with up to 50 people. For Windows laptops and tablets, Skype is already installed. Other platforms include Apple iPads, iPhones, Android devices, and Mac computers.

Keeping a calendar

Keeping a calendar on your smartphone is an excellent way to keep track of upcoming events. Students have used pocket calendars for decades. However, today's smartphones come with built-in calendars and organizational apps like Evernote. You can use the calendar to schedule events and reminders, including class, coursework help meetings with a tutor, and study group times. Even if you don't use a smartphone calendar for learning, the simple act of creating one will make your life easier.

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