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How to play lifelike sex dolls道場

How to play lifelike sex dolls道場


KevinMille (道場主)


The small and long oval-shaped vibration egg cable controller, the most basic design of the vibration egg, but after experience, this chinchilla vibration egg has a few good points in the popular lifelike sex dolls:

First of all, this controller is very good, it looks better than the general LOW controller, and this controller is larger in size, it is more convenient to hold, especially if my husband holds it, it is much better than other styles, just me The remote control that I used before, the little husband of the controller is so hard to press the buttons~~

Sexy Maid Real Sex Doll

The second is that the connecting line is slightly thicker and more durable, and I personally feel that it is better than the thin line.

The head of the jumping egg is smooth, and the vibration force can be dripping.

Next, Teacher Tian Tian will teach you how to play:

The traditional vibrating egg, of course, is to stimulate the vulva Xiaodoudou (I don’t know where Xiaodoudou is and ask my wife)

vibrating silicone sex dolls
The three coolest ways to stimulate are actually my favorite:

The first one is the touch type, which is to use the tip of the mini sex doll to touch Xiaodoudou, which is very suitable at the beginning of foreplay;

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Next, it's a press-type, using the side of the jumping egg, and pressing the longer part on the azuki beans to vibrate and stimulate, it is very crisp, pay attention to pressing on it and then stir and stir to make it more crisp~~

The last is the sliding type, which is to slide up and down from the bottom of the vulva to the top position of the little bean, and then do this step after the first two steps, and the water will drop soon.

You know what happens next~

【キーワード】 sex、doll



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