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How SAP Programming Works道場

How SAP Programming Works道場


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Students pursuing to be software engineers or business analysts have to write an assignment on System Application and Products or SAP. Students take the help of an assignment expert to write SAP assignment as it involves explaining the working procedures of its elements. To know more about Sap programming, read on. 

1. Tier
An SAP program works in a three-tier level
1. The presentation Tier:
A lightweight SAP graphic user interface application that can be installed on any PC to provide an interface for communication between the USER and the SAP ERP system
2. The application Tier
It uses business logic to process client transactions, print the assignment help works, coordinate access, and interface to various databases and other applications. This tier acts as a logic application between several machines.

3. The database Tier:
IT is Used for storing business-generated information and Sap application programs. In this tier, SAP programs are loaded from different databases like Oracle and Microsoft.
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2. SAP Kernel
An SAP program processes logic through a collection of programs and tools called SAP kernels, which, when processed or stopped, named instances. Each instance has a dispatcher and work processes. Different work processes do different works.
For example
1. Dialog process: handles online transaction requests from users
2. Batch Work Process: does the job scheduling of the SAP program
3. Update work Process: updates every detail in the database
4. Spool work Process: helps printing in the SAP program
5. Gateway Work Process: acts as a link between various applications

3. How SAP Works
SAP system works in the following way: 
1. The presentation tier sends a request. It can be a request from a user through online modes, a request related to a batch job, or anything else.
2. The dispatcher of the SAP central instance analyses the request 
3. It passes the request to the massage process, which decides if the request should be forwarded or not.
4. If the message process decides to keep the request, it puts the request in the appropriate work process.
5. After processing, the request is sent to the database.
6. The feedback from the database is sent to the presentation tier and back to the originator of the request.
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Hopefully, the above-mentioned procedures explain the basic details of how programming is done. You can take the help of an assignment expert writing services to describe the working processes in your essay or assignment properly.


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