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We cooperate with the best sex doll suppliers in the world. The new realistic sex dolls they design will be put on our online shop as soon as possible to ensure that our customers can buy the latest sex dolls as soon as possible.

Among these new products, the update of TPE sex dolls is relatively fast, because many sex doll brands in the world are all produce TPE dolls, such as WM doll, the largest supplier of sex dolls, they have new product updates almost every day, every type faces and figures TPE sex dolls. TPE love dolls are updated quickly because of their low price and strong plasticity.
On the contrary, the product update speed of silicone dolls is relatively slow. Among our new products, the number of silicone dolls is relatively small. This is due to the production process of silicone sex dolls, the manufacture of silicone dolls takes a long time, so product updates are slow. If you like the latest styles, you can browse our collection.




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