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Technical Competition for Sex Doll Robots道場

Technical Competition for Sex Doll Robots道場




Sex dolls can show the range of human emotions

"This is because she doesn't know you," said the doctor. He claims that his technology in TPE sex doll allows them to “learn” what customers want and like, and ultimately build a relationship. The technical competition for creative robots not only looks and sounds like humans, but it can also show the range of human emotions and can raise disturbing moral issues.

What does it think about the future of interpersonal relationships? Are we entering a world where we can choose not to interact with any face-to-face humans? Will more people be happy to admit that they have Japanese sex doll robots?

Will these dolls continue to target women's images and provide obedient sexual servants for superior men? I handed over some of these concerns to Dr. Sergei’s 16-year-old wife, Marisa, who is also working on developing sex robots. The couple revealed that they even shared their bed with a single person - so sex dolls can be called women who help build her husband's mistress.

When I chat with them, they sit on the sides of the robot on the couch. I said that some people may find it strange to share this doll in bed. Maritsa said this is not surprising. "If a man does not always satisfy his wife in a marriage, his wife will have sex toys," she said.

The most feared critics are the “shy” model, which cites sex robots as a public invitation to normalize rape. The doctor said that after making the doll, he is "Robin Hood of Sex", which he said can be used as a sexual aid. According to the "Daily Record" report, the robot will be available for sale in January at a price of £15,200. The founder claims that she is the world's first commercial sex robot.

This is the first time he has let the TV camera see what he is doing. The sex industry is estimated to be worth £23 billion a year, including sex toys purchased by women. Sex robots are becoming the ultimate sex toy and are more acceptable, just as “marriage aids” are moving from dirty backstreet stores to the streets.

We are surrounded by prototypes. This is a very strange scene. The workbench has heads, limbs and wigs. In the closet, the body hung on the hooks can be customized according to the customer's order. “Usually they want something that looks very beautiful – perfect,” Dr. Sex Doll told me.

Give a £15,000 lifelike sex robot a "gentle" Scottish accent, saying "Welcome home, dear." Real sex doll robots can be customized, from AA to triple breasts, owners can choose 30 different faces .

Silicone sex doll robots are equipped with sensors so they can respond to touch. Robots have 18 types of characters from happy to shy. My date with a sex robot: the exclusive tour of the infamous studio, where the "Sexual Robin Hood" built Samantha. We visited Dr. Dr.'s notorious seminar and he said he was making The first sex robot with AI.

The robot can tell jokes and greet her owner with phrases such as "Welcome home, dear, how are you doing today?" A spokesperson for the sex doll company said: "When they choose from the original sound, the Scottish accent sounds the most natural and developed."

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