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Laser Pointer 3000mw in this class may cause damage if the beam enters the eye directly. This generally applies to lasers powered from 5–500 mW. Lasers in this category can cause permanent eye damage with exposures of 1/100th of a second or less depending on the strength of the laser. A diffuse reflection is generally not hazardous but specular reflections can be just as dangerous as direct exposures. Protective eyewear is recommended when direct beam viewing of Class IIIb lasers may occur.

Green Laser 10mW with a range of radiant power outputs are available which usually fall into Class 1, Class 2 or Class 2M. Class 1 50mw Green Laser Pointer Pen are normally safe. Class 2 and 2M pointers are not hazardous under usual conditions of use however they can cause harm to the eyes particularly if the beam is stared into or observed through optical instruments which magnifying and or focus. Normally the eye's blink reflex affords protection to short duration accidental exposure to Class 2 and 2M lasers.

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