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Wholesale and retail HP IR06XL Laptop battery

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All of our HP IR06XL high-quality alternatives have been tested to achieve and/or exceed original performance and are 100% compatible with the original manufacturer's specifications. Battery Replacement for HP ZBook Power G7 TPN-DB0C M01523-2C1 M02029-005, the laptop battery is 100% brand new and CE / FCC / RoHS certified for safety.


  • type: Li-Polymer
  • Rated Capacity: 83Wh
  • Standard Voltage: 11.58V
  • SKU: HPQ21JU1443

    Replace Laptop Batteries part number :

    IR06083XL IR06XL M01523-2C1 M02029-005

    Compatible with the following models :

    For HP
    ZBook Power G7, ZBook Power G7 1J31AEA, ZBook Power G7 1J3Q8EA, ZBook Power G7 1J3X7EA, ZBook Power G7 1J3Y1EA, ZBook Power G7 1J3Y2EA, ZBook Power G7 1J3Y3EA, ZBook Power G7 1J3Y6EA, ZBook Power G7 1J3Y8EA, ZBook Power G7 2C9N7EA, ZBook Power G7 2C9P1EA, ZBook Power G7 2H6Y0UT, ZBook Power G7 2H6Y7UT, ZBook Power G7 2H9L2UT, ZBook Power G7 2M0E5PA

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    Will this battery have any safety risks? What is the quality of the HP IR06XL laptop battery?
    This battery is made of top materials of Li-Polymer cells that have been safely certified by RoHS, CE, FCC and tested through repeated simulated work and commissioning before they are shipped from the factory. On the other hand, its specifications are based on the original standards such as appearance, interface type, body size, capacity, voltage, charging current and voltage,etc.

    Is it real HP IR06XL compatibility information?
    This product information is fully applicable to the HP series laptop batteries, "HP battery IR06XL"..
    * If you have any questions about the model mismatch or cannot confirm the model number due to the appearance we provided, please email us with the appearance of the battery and the model name or part number.


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    Produced in China by our reliable domestic manufacturers and through our verification and sales channels to ensure product quality and safety.
    We offer HP product accessories with real information and compatibility, which comes entirely from our professional channels and years of sales experience.
    Timeliness & Efficiency
    A strong share network tin ensure the "DOUBLE INSURANCE" of the priority of international warehouses and the supplement of domestic’s.

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