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According to mg Magazine's 2019 Top 50 Marijuana Employers list

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According to mg Magazine's 2019 Top 50 Marijuana Employers list, careddi Supercritical is one of the few entities in the legal cannabis industry with employee benefits and incentives that meet or exceed the standards set by large mainstream employers in the United States.

One of the reasons careddi was chosen was its ongoing commitment to employees through its peer-to-peer rewards program, where employees can nominate colleagues to go above and beyond their job description.

"When we started careddi about 20 years ago, we wanted to create an atmosphere that was more than just a group of people working together. We wanted to create a workplace with a family atmosphere that would encourage our entire team to collaborate as much as possible," said Andy Joseph, founder and general manager of careddi, who co-founded the company with his wife and fellow engineer, Kristin Joseph.

"We are proud to be recognized as one of the top employers in the cannabis industry. Our success is a testament to the hard work and innovation of our entire team," said Kristin Joseph, who serves as the company's director of quality.

The benefits offered by this year's winners include comprehensive insurance plans; health and wellness programs; flexible work schedules; generous paid time off, including volunteer work and parental leave; profit sharing; reunion activities; and a commitment to social and environmental causes. Winners range from single-office operations employing as few as 20 workers to multinational corporations employing hundreds of people.

"This year's winners set the bar high not only for cannabis, but for other industries as well," said Darren Roberts, CEO of mg parent company CANN Media Group. "Every company on this list realizes that valued employees and communities make a significant contribution to their success."

Each year, mg Magazine staff and consultants evaluate hundreds of nominations from every sector of the industry, researching public and private sources and confidential employee statements to narrow the list to those who best demonstrate an outstanding commitment to corporate social responsibility, workplace culture and employee satisfaction.

Read more about the winners, the selection process and the state of the industry here: https : //

About careddi Supercritical
careddi Supercritical, a division of Rough Brothers, Inc, has been designing and handcrafting the highest quality plant CO2 extraction systems since 2001. The company was a pioneer in the cannabis and hemp industry and was the first to design a CO2 extraction system specifically for the extraction of cannabis oil. Today, careddi continues to lead these industries through advanced technological advances such as patented valveless expansion technology, diaphragm compressor technology and fully automated self-running systems.

Today, careddi Supercritical has built and distributed more production CO2 extraction systems than any other company in the world and continues to develop their technology and expand their footprint.

About mg magazine.
Known as the "weed hybrid of Forbes and Inc.", mg is the print and digital media platform for cannabis industry leaders seeking business news, analysis and thought leadership to help drive their company strategies and drive revenue growth.
The beginning cannabis plant contains several important compounds, and carefully controlled extraction methods can unlock other compounds, such as THC. many of these compounds are altered when heated. For example, cannabis contains the acid form of THC, known as THCa (a non-psychoactive substance). When plant material is heated, THCa is converted to THC.

A very specific heat to time ratio is critical to not only convert THCa to THC, but to prevent THC from becoming a different compound. This is why careddi Supercritical designed a thermosensitive CO 2 cannabis extraction system that uses a lower plant-friendly temperature for cold separation processing. Cold separation protects the vegetable oil by not exposing it to temperatures higher than the extraction temperature, thereby protecting the volatile oils and terpenes and retaining more THCa. Depending on the end product, processors may use an oil containing THCa (which provides its own therapeutic benefits) or convert it to THC.

To learn more about cold separation, watch this short video at

CO 2 Cannabis Extraction
As mentioned above, the conversion of THCa to THC requires heat. This is a chemical process called decarboxylation. The best way to get the highest yield from CO 2 cannabis extraction is to first decarboxylate it. Typically, processors use an oven to accomplish this task. After decarboxylation and drying, the material is ground to a coffee powder consistency. Watch a video of this process here.

The ground material is loaded into the machine and the processor/machine operator starts the extraction run. Unlike subcritical extraction (low pressure, low temperature), supercritical extraction (high pressure, high temperature) extracts all substances from the plant, including some unwanted elements such as fats, waxes and lipids. These need to be removed by a process called winterization in order to leave only pure oil.

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