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What is the reason I don't swine?

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I hope my partner is a short, cute facial features and white skin. She is handsome, obedient, never quarrel with me. As long as I get off work, I will always be with me. Such a woman will look at the world and may find a woman, or there is no such woman. In addition to reducing the standards of intrinsic ideals, sexual dolls are another unique way to meet this requirement or dream. The useful doll is not strange. Surprisingly, why some people will treat sexual dolls as a real person, fall in love with them or even marriage?

Because of loneliness, I am eager to emotionally

"I should die, do you make me happy to meet your wife?"

A few days ago, the movie "World of Warcraft" issued online in various yards, attracted a large number of Warcraft fans around the country. Among these people, a man watching a movie with a girlfriend. But this "girlfriend" is not a real person, but a sex doll, attracting other people watching. When a good thing is a laughter, this person is very unsatisfactory, even fight, which has almost triggered the tribal alliance. "My fuck is happy your mother touched your wife?" This sexual doll is already his daughter woman in this man's heart!

I seem to feel the loneliness of the otaku single dog. Obviously, for them, sexual dolls are not just as simple as resolution requirements, but have developed from physiological needs to deeper psychological needs. The needs of Maslo's demand hierarchy of humanistic masters illustrate the demand for interpersonal relationships, belonging and love. Everyone enters the world, not a separate individual. He needs to find and reflect your existence in interaction with others.

For the fear of loneliness, people are eager to socialize and seek intimacy relationships with the outside world. This relationship can come from the mother, then form a family relationship, you can come from friends, then form friendship, you can come from partners, then form love, essentially meet the needs of home sense and love.

Perfect companion

"She will never lie to deceive me or hurt my feelings."

Gordon is a factory worker in Virginia, USA, girlfriend with many sex dolls. Gordon has had a girlfriend, but these relationships have not ended. His relationship with women is full of experience: At the date, female companions released pigeons; he called him, invited Gordon to go home, then she asked Gordon to help her, then ran out and others stayed with others. Together. and many more. Gordon said: "I don't dare to have any desire to women.

"I used to have a real love, and I have touched some beautiful women, but I have never feel better like Jinge. This is not like love, but more like a spiritual attachment." Gordon Explain: "Indeed, ginger will not stand up, will not talk to me, can't accompany me to buy Best Buy and Wal-Mart, but she will sit quietly, will not get fat, will not become old, she can always keep her own Beautiful, and she will never lie to deceive me or hurt my feelings. Is this not very good? "

In the real world, people are always imperfect. Maintaining a good partnership requires long-term grinding so that both sides will accept aspects of imperfectness. If you refuse to accept, you may lose this intimate relationship. The presence of sexual dolls provides better possibilities for this refusal.

Therefore, for those who choose a full-size doll as a partner, I think their personality may be a perfect pursuit. If I want love only needs sex and quiet, I don't need to communicate, then sexual doll is indeed a perfect choice. Therefore, sexual doll is an external projection in the inner perfect self.<o:p></o:p>

Reject loss

"This doll looks like my wife"

Dellman's wife died of cancer a few years ago, which made him very sad. He began with other women, but they were not interested in him. Finally, he found himself a personality doll. This sexual doll looks like his wife.

One of Freud's psychological defense mechanism is called rejection, which means awareness or unconsciously denying a sense of pain to alleviate his anxiety and pain. Because if you don't know it, this seems to be not painful (for example, the death of relatives, and still insist that you are not dead), this is a protective defense measures.

Many people choose to live together with sex dolls, and treat her as normal people. There are not many psychological roots, they just love someone very simply. Unfortunately, the people he love will always leave him, he has no time to say goodbye. He even refused to say goodbye to her. He refused to accept the fact that she had left forever, so he created her another same woman as a prototype to replace her.

Losing always pain, especially for people with important relationships. Refuse is an immature defense, although it is cruel and painful, but we need to learn to accept it. Some people will choose to marry a person similar to his wife after leaving his wife. Even some people will leave the dead body of the lover and continue to live with her, full of affectionate and denial.

Therefore, when we see the "Men's Use Sex" and "The Girl of the Beautiful Times is actually a boy", we can suppress inner discrimination, but understand it. Because they are all people who need this world!

Maybe there is another day, fetish, easy-to-decorate and "sex syndrome of sexual dolls" will become? With the development of artificial intelligence, when creating a more advanced robotic doll, in addition to being different from the real people, and also have the functions of emotional and interaction, perhaps their love will become daily life. After all, there is a perfect lover in the hearts of each boy. How do you know that you will not fall in the future?<o:p></o:p>

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