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Proper use of jammers is not a bad thing

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The portable jammer’s role is to interrupt the communication link (or network) between two (or more) “partners”, when they are trying to talk with each other or deliver certain data between them. Jamming the communication link between a Drone and its Operator is a specific case out of many more; we can try to jam the communication between a cellular and the base station, between two tactical radios, between a bomb and a remote control that is used to activate it, etc.

Anyway, we can see that most people support teachers using signal jammer. Cell phone jammer block most types of signals, effectively preventing students from cheating, using cell phones in class, etc. Therefore, the rational use of jammers is not a bad thing.

This equation, though in its simplest form (without cable losses, SNR, etc.), can be used for the calculation of ANY 4G jammer scenario/budget. As can be seen, it consists of two dimensions/links (Jammer<->Drone and Operator<->Drone), and not only one dimension/link as in the case of a communication link. In other words, for each specific condition of the Operator<->Drone link (specificoutput power, antennas gain and heights, distance, etc.), exists a specificscenario/condition of the Jammer<->Drone link, required in order to jam It&hellip; that is why answering the question of “What is the range of your Drone Jammer?” is never an easy task. There are MANY possible answers to it !

That's why Russia's drone jammer, and the new counter-drone "special forces" that operate them, don't necessarily pose an existential risk to the US military's UAVs. The Russian drone-hunters could struggle to pinpoint targets. "It would seem to be hard to do unless you knew where they were going to be and when," one former US drone-developer explained on condition of anonymity.

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