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Western style wedding arrangement guide

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Western style wedding arrangement guide

Western wedding is becoming more and more popular in the moment, western wedding is popular not only because of his solemn sacred and romantic wedding form and atmosphere, but also because of his exquisite, beautiful romantic scene layout, to see a western wedding layout guide.

Western-style wedding is mainly played in white, so will give a person elegant and solemn feeling. But again the Snow White winter, pure money luck white concept will dress up your wedding will appear monotonous. The western style wedding is favored, not only because of its holy and romantic wedding form and atmosphere, but also because of its exquisite arrangement. Look below decorate the strategy of western-style wedding scene.

Set up strategy 1

Above all new people can choose the apple of cyan color and yellow eat dish collocation. In this way, its overall feeling reveals a fresh and natural taste. Like a love from the green gradually mature, everywhere reveals the joy of harvest, so dressed up we will like.

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Assign strategy two

Moreover, the new appointeesalso may adopt to match the bright flower with the color candle, like this can give the person a kind of intense visual impact, lets the person shine at the moment. Of course, when choosing a candle, it's important to note that while rectangular candles may look more delicate, they also drip easily. So new people might as well consider to use glass candle, look so already graces raise an eye again!

Set up strategy three

At the same time, if you choose to use lily and sweet zhi white palm collocation and the flower door, so speak the meaning of sweet and happiness. Green vines and delicate champagne roses will make the whole wedding scene look fresh and natural.

Assign strategy four

Finally, let's talk about the wedding cake. Because the cake is always one of the essential elements of a western wedding, and always as the final finale oh! If so pure white cake looks grave and elegant, a few pure and fresh are adorned above or bright-coloured flower serves as foil, such assurance can add color many!

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