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What to watch out for - women hate the blacklist of men dressed up

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(1) wearing slippers

Wear slippers when women hate men dressed in black list NO. 1, wear slippers to dating will not only give a person the sense with image, not sloppy, the most important thing is to make each other feel that you do not take the mutually close, and don't understand respect for others, and you won't wear slippers a truth in the interview. Casual wear slippers at ordinary times life it doesn't matter, but dating is a formal date, is to find a future ideal marriage partners, everyone wants to see is a neat and easy when dating, looking at pleasing to the eye, even if you don't like each other, at least also can make a good impression.

(2) wear shorts

Wear big short pants, leg hair is exposed, such dress is too housebound, often leave the impression that others are not neat and neat, life is down and out. Dating isn't like a normal walk down the street, and you don't want to see your partner in pajamas.

(3) wear vest only

The shirtless wears vest, the hand lifts can let the woman see the body hair, the first meeting need not expose so much, the picture impact need not be so strong drop. The waistcoat is not too big, after all, dating is not going to the stadium.

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(4) weird and beautiful

Wearing clothes too, too much or too bright-coloured color, body wear jewelry is overmuch, can let her feel you don't sedate, flirtatious, or even initiation similar "this man is not to mix" or "how to dress up than I also fancy" "is that okay with sexuality" idea, so when dating, necklaces, earrings, rings... Pick it off first, and try to be as simple and elegant as possible in the choice of clothes.

Too formal

Formal suits, trousers, leather shoes, vest, shirt collar button to the top one, also bring the tie or bow tie, this dress isn't to Boss, talk about business, sign a contract? Too formal dress up can give the other party a kind of oppressive feeling, can let a person feel you more archaic. Change the formal suit to a casual suit, which is much more fashionable.

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