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The quickest way to get a thin face is for a prospective bride

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Bride-to-be is about to step into marriage, when they see someone else's frame, oval envy to the mouth water, also want to have small delicate and charming face, for his face puffy dewlap very upset? In fact, if you find the right way, you can also have a delicate face.

The quickest way to slim your face is 1

Corners of the mouth overhanging

Close your lips tightly and pull the corners of your mouth outwards, causing your face to make an unceasing upward movement of a smile. Hold for a moment until you reach the limit, then slowly return to its original shape. Keep practicing this simple expression, can easily prompt the fat of the face to burn faster, so that your face is smaller than the original.

The fastest way to slim your face is 2

Pat your face gently

Hold the four fingers of your hands together and press them firmly against your cheeks. Use the power of your hand to gently pat your face until it reddens and heats up. This will be able to store in the face of the fat particles to break up oh, not only to let your face recover quickly, but also can easily thin out delicate charming small melon face.

The quickest way to slim your face is 3

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Lateral lift

First two hands the four fingers together, make its ground of be transverse facial burn on the opposite side of the nose, the arms from the inside out gently lift, repeat the exercise has been to become reddish face. Pull face can eliminate facial edema effectively, make the face appears smaller and more attractive.

The quickest way to slim your face is 4

Scratch the face

Clench your hands into a fist and use the power of your knuckles to gently shave your face from the inside out until your skin reddens slightly. This action not only promotes lymphatic circulation, but also increases the burning of fat. Although the movements are simple, they can effectively improve the curve of the facial contour, allowing you to thin out the palm of your hand with ease.

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