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Owen 43 points at the crucial moment of super-god Green Army overtime wins the league first

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On November 17, the Celtics passed the extra time and beat the Raptors 123-116.
The Celtics (9-6) won two straight games. Kyrie Irving scored 43 points and 11 assists, Jason Tatum 21 points and 7 rebounds, Gordon Hayward 15 points, Al Horford 11 points and 9 rebounds. 【Technical Statistics】
The Raptors (12-4) lost three straight. Cowani-Leonard scored 31 points and 15 rebounds, Cergy Ibaka 21 points, Pascal Sciacham 16 points and 9 rebounds, Kyle Lowry 14 points and 7 assists.
This is the second time the two teams have met this season. In solde minelli the second game of the season, the two sides met in a narrow way, and the Celtics in the away game lost.
Today is the home of the Celtics, but still playing very hard.
The Raptors also topped the list in the East, and the record was the league's number one. The Celtics have slipped to fourth. For the Celtics, this game is even more important.
The Celtics have a slight advantage in the first quarter. With 1 minute and 55 seconds in this section, Anunobi hit a three-pointer and the Raptors fell behind 26-28. After Smart scored a goal, the last two minutes and 30 seconds of this section failed to make a field goal. The Celtics didn't score a point. The Raptors also scored 1 point on free throws. After the first quarter, the Celtics led by 30-27.
In the second quarter, the Celtics suddenly broke out. At 7 minutes and 36 seconds in this section, Morris hit a shot and the Celtics scored 13 points with 44-31. Green also scored three points, Valanciunas made a layup and caused fouls, and also added a penalty, the Raptors quickly counterattack, once with a 52-51 lead. The Celtics finished the season with 3 points and the 54-42 lead in the first half.
Morris played well today, with 4 of the first 4 shots. His career season's highest shooting percentage was 44.2%, and the three-pointer never exceeded 38%, but this season has reached 50% and 48%. Without him, the Celtics' offense would be very bad.
In the first half, Irving scored 16 points and Morris scored 11 points.
The Raptors counterattacked in double-digit numbers. The three scored in double figures, Leonard scored 12 points, Green scored 11 points and Ibaka scored 10 points.
The second half of the competition is still fierce, the two sides fight to the last one second. In the fourth quarter, with 1 minute and 29 seconds, Wright hit a three-pointer and the Raptors led 107-103. Tatum's breakthrough dunks were also color, followed by their successful defense. Hayward made two free throws after fouling. When the game was still 24.5 seconds, the two sides chaussures geox homme became 107-107.
No kill in the lore
The Raptors missed the last shot and both sides entered overtime. From the fourth quarter, Irving was very hot, and the overtime was still unstoppable. With 1 minute and 44 seconds left in the game, he hit a defensive shot. After the Raptors also scored a goal, Owen attracted defense and scored for Horford. The latter easily hit and the Raptors led 121-114.
After the Raptors narrowed the gap to 5 points, the Celtics made a mistake, but the Raptors failed to seize the opportunity, Leonard missed the shot. Horford then received Owen's pass, dunk, and led by 7 points in the game with 18.9 seconds, losing the suspense.
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