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 How does platinum distinguish true from false

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  Platinum is a natural pure white precious metal, known as the king of precious metals. According to the national standard for naming precious metals, only platinum can be called platinum. Platinum is pure, timeless and rare, never fading, grinding without loss. Buy platinum please recognize Pt logo!

  Platinum price

  Product price

  The price is in yuan per gram

  The purity of 95%

  Fall flat

  The above data take March 30, 2017 as an example.

  Major types of platinum

  Platinum can be divided into pure platinum and iridium platinum (K platinum (white K gold), which are not platinum, depending on the amount of platinum they contain.

  Pure platinum

  Pure platinum is platinum with the highest platinum content or color. Its white luster natural, will not fade, and can match any type of skin. It's twice as strong as gold. It is more resilient than precious metals in general.

  Pure platinum is often used to make engagement rings to show the purity and longevity of love. In foreign countries, many people believe that gold inlay diamond, may cause the diamond yellowing, thus greatly reducing the price of diamond. And with platinum inlay diamond, can maintain the pure white color of diamond, make engagement ring especially, inlay diamond with platinum, already white and glittering and translucent, indicative pure love eternity.

  Iridium platinum

  Iridium platinum is an alloy composed of iridium and platinum. Its color is also silvery white; With strong metallic luster; High hardness; Relatively high density; Chemical properties are stable. It is the best material for platinum alloy jewelry.

  According to the different contents of iridium and platinum, they can be generally divided into the following three types:

  10% iridium platinum alloy, 21.54, 1788 ℃

  15% iridium platinum alloy, 21.59, 1821 ℃

  5% iridium platinum alloy, 21.50, 1779 ℃.

  K platinum (white K gold)

  Because the hardness of platinum is relatively large, so when making jewelry, in order to reduce the hardness appropriately, it is necessary to add other metals into the alloy. In order to reduce the cost of platinum jewelry, other metals are often added to make alloys. Therefore, K platinum appeared in the jewelry market. Moreover, people gave different meanings to K platinum.

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