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 How do bridesmaids make trouble for the grooms and grooms to come to catch up with

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  The burden of being the maid of honor for the bride is not small. It is your responsibility to challenge the groom and create a romantic atmosphere for the bride. So how does the maid of honor bother the groom? As the bride's maid of honor, I would like to introduce you to the bride's maid of honor.

  Bridesmaid "door" is one of the features of Chinese wedding, especially in the southern region, blocking the door ti variety, the whole people to resolute, must the groom and his attendants up quickly, but when I answer the bride see recruit instead!

  According to Chinese tradition, the groom should greet the bride in person before the wedding. In this process, the bridesmaid has a very important task, that is small "test" the groom's determination and perseverance, commonly known as "block the door."

  This can worry a lot of inexperienced bridesmaid: how ability "make trouble" a groom? Many people turn to the Internet for help. Net friend "su su su come" very worried: still have a few days to be a bridesmaid, do not know what fun tricks block the door? Don't go too far, just get the mood up, I'll get ready.

  Fraud red envelopes are necessary and are not open until the psychological price is reached. )

  Let him read man wifely submission and virtue: the wife to go out with "from" command to take "from" wife speak wrong to blind "from" Mrs Makeup to Mrs. "have to" spend money to give up "have to" wife angry to endure "have to" madam birthday remember "have to" read: rice I dragged my diaper do I wash (this is good, go to print, ha ha.

  Perform 99 push-ups + climb the stairs nine times with kitchen cleaning equipment on your back + sing 9 songs with I love you (groom is physically strong)

  Nine items and notes are tied with red ropes, and the other end of the rope is placed outside the bride's house for the groom to pull. ), told the groom with a rope tied to his bride, if don't have to play in la, you can directly take the bride away, if you miss, you'll have to try one of the, until to the bride. If the food (big bottle of cola, big bunch of bananas, apple, big bag and joyful) had to be eaten within limited (remember the food must be prepared to large just for fun) if the little red pants, the groom to wear in the outside to walk outside immediately if the pull is to show little note also want to do right away, you can't bargain. (do you really have a red rope tied to your sister's hand, haha)

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