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L'avantage des viseurs laser

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Have you ever wondered what advantage laser viewers can offer you? Read on to discover four key features that a viseur laser vert peut vous offrir:

JG-2 Laser vert 5mW et lampe 2 en 1

1. Improved accuracy - Les lunette de tir can be the key when training. They offer a visual to the accuracy of the shot and may allow the shooter to see any tremor in their shot. Over time, accuracy and consistency can be developed through constant visual recall.

2. Fast Targeting - Laser viewfinders allow you to easily engage a target at night. Laser viewers also allow you to easily engage a target with minimal exposure to yourself.

3. Increased Confidence - Through training, the use of lampe torche tactique peut lend to a shooter easy shooting consistent and accurate. Practice can lend to increased confidence in a situation in which you must defend yourself quickly.

4. Less lethal option - What could be more of a deterrent to an intruder than the highly visible mark of where the ball will land and you are there - armed and ready to protect. Studies show that intruders attack because they assume you will be incompetent with a gun and they do not realize you are there.

Nous offrons une selection de viseurs laser, y compris la serie de visée point rouge. The series of red dots is an inexpensive option that includes many features of shooting glasses at higher prices. This series features a button to activate the laser rather than a switch and is designed to fit specific firearms.

Arretez-vous a la boutique aujourd'hui pour voir les bipied rail picatinny que nous avons en stock ou nous envoyer un courriel pour en savoir plus. Laser sights are available for most firearms on the market. We look forward to seeing you!

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