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 Beautiful Korean bridal makeup

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Korean style bridal makeup is romantic only beautiful, makeup look namely delicate have good-looking, it is the first choice of bride-to-be. Small make up brings the painting method of Korean style bridal makeup to everybody, make a romantic, delicate and sweet makeup look, in the most beautiful day of life, leave the most precious memory.

  Korean bridal makeup method 1: delicate bottom makeup

  Bottom makeup too delicate to make skin present a transparent feeling, to do a good job of hydrating before makeup, make skin water embellish position, then choose than a number of skin shallow foundation, daub, powdery bottom to uniform, don't ignore lip Angle, neck and other details.

  Korean bridal makeup method 2: perfect concealer

  To do the most beautiful bride, certainly can't appear a little flaw, so it must be perfect block defect, can use concealer pens on skin with the click of a few, reoccupy finger pulp evenly away, and then gently pat with sponge, such skin flaws is invisible.

  Korean style bridal makeup painting method 3: repair the appearance fixed makeup

  Xiu yan: little face more photogenic, in face of the bride, might as well put dark pink coated in two buccal, can make the face instantly become smaller, and the face longer bride, as long as the dark pink coated in the forehead or chin, and can have the effect of repairing facial.

  Calm makeup: a base is very important, can prevent the bride makeup, make makeup look more break, we might as well choose a transparent texture powder, coated with a layer of gently, so that it can be effectively fixed bottom makeup.

  Korean bridal makeup 4: natural eyebrow makeup

  Korean bride makeup is the most important is the eyebrow makeup, is different from ordinary eyebrow makeup, Korean bride makeup eyebrow makeup is all natural, when the thrush makeup, with light color eyebrow pencil sketch out first natural camber, reoccupy eyebrow brush brush a layer with hair color eyebrow powder.

  Korean bridal makeup 5: beautiful eyeshadow

  A beautiful Korean bride makeup, eye shadow color is also very important, choose aureate eye shadow can make the whole makeup look more beautiful and elegant, firstly, backing with white eye shadow, eye end, emphatically and light brush on a layer of golden eye shadow, and then brighten the eye with white pearl powder.

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