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Wedding toast: the bridesmaid's toast

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Distinguished guests and friends,

  With her beauty and virtue, XXX is very popular among her classmates and friends. Today, she finally handed over her life trust to the person who is in love with her.

  I was a college student with XXX, and four years together made us a close friend. After graduation, we were separated from each other, but the separation of time and space did not affect our friendship. When I knew I was going to be the bridesmaid for XXX, the joy in my heart was obvious. Today, I came to this city to attend the wedding of XXX, so that I can express my blessing to you two.

  I wish you all the best in the world, and I wish you all the best for your love, like lotus seed, for more than a million years. I wish you all the joys and sorrows in the coming months. May you love each other and love each other and forgive each other. The longer the years, the deeper the relationship, the more colorful the future life, the bright and beautiful children, the happy forever!

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