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This Underwater Mermaid Wedding Is Everything

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Newlyweds Susana and Jovany always knew they wanted to take beach weddings to the next level—to be specific, they wanted an underwater mermaid wedding. So while most beach weddings take place on the sand several yards from the water, this couple dreamed of marrying each other in the ocean. Photographer Sol Tamargo of Del Sol Photography helped bring the pair's vision to life, as they gathered 100-plus guests as well as a team of photographers and videographers in the ocean off El Cielo, Cozumel Island, Mexico, for their nuptials. On her Web site, Tamargo calls the affair "the Impossible Wedding" and she calls Susana the "Mermaid Bride."

"We had a wedding planner who told us: 'You can’t get married in the ocean, it’s much too complicated.' " Susana said in a statement on Del Sol's website. "So we thought, OK, we’ll get married on the beach like everyone else. Then we met Sol. She told us, 'You HAVE to do it! You have to get married in the water, it will be AMAZING!' This entire vision all came about because of Sol…she’s the one who turned the dream into a reality!"

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If you're wondering how Tamargo was able to capture such stunning shots of the wedding from the water, it was no easy feat. "Moving her 100-plus guests to the ceremony location using two boats and a catamaran was one challenge. Managing the camera gear in the water was another!" Tamargo said on the Web site. "We were flying a drone from a moving boat, I was shooting with two large underwater camera housings, it was technically was very challenging as I couldn’t really see . . . . Polly was shooting without a protection for her camera and as the tide came up she was left standing in the middle of the ocean with her arms above her head to save her camera!"

And while most people's ocean activity is limited to bathing suits, photos from the Impossible Wedding show the guests in beautiful clothes—bridesmaids and flower girls wore sparkly dresses, men wore button-down shirts and dress pants, and Susana the Mermaid Bride wore a beautiful Maggie Sottero bridal gown. And they all got soaked. However, Tamargo came prepared to take photos in full ocean gear. "I was shooting from the boat, then I jumped into the water wearing a snorkel, mask and wetsuit, and mermaid cap in the middle of a wedding!" she said. "When do you ever get to do something like that?! Doing something out of the ordinary is challenging but we live for these unique moments—the more 'impossible' the better!"

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