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Have u ever seen the laser weapon?

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<meta content="text/html; charset=utf-8" equiv="Content-Type" /> <title>A powerful laser pointer pen can be a effective weapon</title>

Than the sun light brighter tens of billions of times of the laser, if shot directly at the person's eyes, the vision of people caused great harm. Laser blinding weapons, the enemy soldier's eyes blindness or visual sensor to destroy their tank telescope using high power laser beam. This weapon is usually used in melee, can carry, and can be arranged in the tank and armored vehicle or helicopter. The United States Army has developed such a small power laser weapon, with a laser beam can sweep over a radius of 1.6 kilometers of the battlefield. In the mid-1980s, the two superpowers, the United States and the former Soviet Union are on many warships equipped the weapons, to defense the enemy close range attacks. In less than 50 meters, the small power laser weapons can burn the enemy the driver's eyes, even beyond 50 meters can also be lost control of the aircraft, unable to effectively target as a result of the stun the enemy pilot in a short period of time.

High Powered Laser Pointer

The actual battle how to fight, how training. In the use of laser weapons simulation, real military exercises can be achieved. For example, fighter jets flew an enemy of ghost town, will be subjected to intensive laser fire blockade, pilots such as excellent skills, is difficult to escape the doom was hit, and thus lost to continue the war in the qualification. The ground combat soldiers if you take it lightly, it may soon will be hit by the enemy and lose the fighters, the minimum qualification, of course, no winner of hope.

Military exercises conducted in the past, half truths and falsehoods, regardless of whether the military exercise imaginary enemy so mysterious, exercises the satisfactory results. After all, with many subjective and difficult to achieve the actual changing moment should be the ideal situation. In order to improve the combat effectiveness of the military exercises, the scientific and technical workers have developed a burning laser simulation weapons. Aircraft, tanks, artillery, and other weapons can be equipped with a laser weapon, which can be launched in the range of the original range. Also to the soldier 01 and equipment are equipped with photoelectric receiver, if in the exercise by laser weapons and hit, the output signal of the receiver is triggered fireworks. Laser simulation of the laser beam emitted by the laser intensity is small, will not hurt, but enough to be received by the photoelectric receiver. During the exercise using laser simulating weapon, with real bullets, after hitting the target, the target will produce fireworks, that have been affected by the casualties are deprived of combat.

An atomic resonance filter was developed by University of Arizona in 1984. Filter effectively improve the submarine underwater receiver performance, so that the receiving water depth increased from a few hundred feet, the message transfer time is reduced to 1 / 15 of the original,Tanks or submarines worth mentioning, are inseparable from the periscope, as light from the outside world is through a periscope at tank or submarine that thick armor inside, arrived at the pilot or observer's eyes, which is a Green Laser into armored killing enemies with the channel. but also reduce the requirements of the laser output power in a certain extent. And small size, more economical and practical. On the other hand, XeCl laser technology development, coupled with laser penetration deep layer and submerged submarine communication demonstrates the success, vision of Defense Planning Bureau has convinced, laser for submarine communications research direction from ground-based lasers and laser scheme go hand in hand, go to fully concentrate on space laser scheme.

High power laser weapons are mainly used to destroy enemy aircraft and missiles. Laser beam of high energy laser weapon can make the material to be melted or be gasification, and break through the hard steel plate, or destroy the important parts of aircraft and missile. The laser weapon can be deployed on land with a Laser Sight , ships, planes and satellites. It is rapid, it advances with the speed of 300000 kilometers per second, with high accuracy, as long as the alignment target does not need a front-end can destroy each other. Fuel consumption is less, with a laser that can rely on the mirror to operate, in the broad field of vision from a target to another, does not produce recoil, installed in the aircraft to fire in any direction, on the aircraft speed had no effect. And the laser weapon does not like nuclear weapons, in the process of manufacturing, transporting and using caused terrible harm and a cold thriller of the pollution.

We already know that a 100mw laser pointer beam of light that is emitted by a flashlight to pick up a ruby crystal and then emit a beam of light. Laser emission is intermittent, so in the propagation process of light like peak and peak and valley and the valley peak and valley phase is also repeated and due to the emission of light rarely, so slender beams can has been sent far away.

At present, laser application is very wide, such as medicine, surgery, optical instrument, TV video, stage art lighting, the murder weapon and space communication can be applied. Now, the United States and the former Soviet Union in the two superpowers, using a laser, in the space to fight blood war. Now the German high energy laser transmitter, will be officially put into production in the country.

Laurel electronic systems will be responsible for the design of positioning and tracking subsystem, Laurel aerospace electronics company to assume the video tracker. In addition, the United States has been in the development of small infrared chemical lasers, laser pointer keychain etc..

green laser pointers

Laurel (loralcorp.) has signed a $4 million 800 thousand worth of contracts with the US Navy, which is used to develop and develop a laser anti missile system. The system is named multi band, anti ship cruise missile, Tactical Electronic Warfare System (MATES). The main purpose of this project is to develop a set of laser infrared interference system, so that it canAnti ship missile against electronic guidance.According to the design idea of Laurel company, the outline of the MATES is likely to be integrated into the advanced integrated electronic system, and then become the company's next generation integrated shipboard self defenseSystem.31 months of research and development projects will be conducted in the United States Naval Research laboratory. Laurel defense systems will provide high-speed signal processors, control console system design, such as Integrated module of MATES subsystem.

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