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Mysterious Laser Weapon道場

Mysterious Laser Weapon道場


lasernzh (道場主)


Laser weapon is a weapon that can be used to attack the target with the laser beam, and to make it lose its operational capability. This kind of burning laser weapons, generally refers to the weapons which power have come to thousands of joule or more, caused that, it is also known as strong laser weapon. Those weapons used in laser interference optical system and short-range personnel dazzling weapons, such as laser interference system for aircraft against infrared missile, also referred to as blinding laser weapons.
Strong burning laser weapon
Generally speaking, the 30000mw Laser weapon system consists of laser beam steering (including the capture, tracking, targeting, lighting and light emission), adaptive optics and beacon system, command, control, communication and evaluation system of the whole system, and energy weapons platform and support system of several components.

If the laser system is likened to a samurai, then the main Red Laser is equivalent to the warrior's hands and fists which provide the energy to destroy the target. Beam directional device is the warrior's eye, adaptive optics system is equivalent to the warrior wearing a pair of special glasses to improve the accuracy of the target. Energy system is the most basic guarantee of its survival and combat.
Have you ever heard of ABL?
Firstly, search target. ABL uses 6 infrared detectors to scan the entire airspace. When the enemy launched ballistic missiles, space-based early warning system or ground radar target will find the target and combat command system will sent information to the ABL carrier through early warning center and the satellite communication. ABL aircraft control system uses the infrared Laser Sight system to detect and capture the targets.
Secondly, lock the target.After capturing target, ABL aircraft will emit a laser beam to achieve tracking of the target.The laser weapon is known as a new generation of weapons in the "trump card".Let's talk about the airborne laser weapon (ABL) system, and introduce some of the operational process of laser weapons.

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