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How To Design The Structure of Disposable Vape?道場

How To Design The Structure of Disposable Vape?道場


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The structure of disposable vapor cigarettes is relatively easy: e-liquid, cartridges, and batteries are all set up together, as well as the structure contains a mold-opening covering, an atomizer, a battery, as well as a microphone head.
When it involves the control system of electric cigarettes, the user-friendly response of most individuals is that the PCB board (also referred to as the printed circuit board, which is the carrier of the electrical link of electronic elements), cables, buttons as well as various other components are integrated according to particular needs to create a system.
But purely talking, a complete control system includes not only the electronic circuit hardware system composed of the main controller, linking wires, resistors, capacitors, inductors, and so on, yet additionally the programs utilized to understand various useful defense and also control components to execute commands precisely Language, that is, the software program component.
The hardware system is the basis of the vape control system, as well as has typical attributes, while the style of the shows language is usually adaptable and also varied. For this consideration, this area just integrates the equipment system of the e cigarette control system, concentrating on the system structure, the electronic circuits that recognize different procedure settings and useful protection.
The framework of the disposable vapor cigarette is simple, and its control system generally plays the function of handling as well as working with the pneumatic button, atomizer, polymer lithium battery, as well as indicator light.
In non reusable smokeless cigarettes, most of them make use of pneumatically-driven buttons, also referred to as air flow picking up switches, which are called taste heads in the market.
1. Framework and also working principle of pneumatically-driven switch
The structure of the pneumatic button is received the figure, which is mostly composed of a post item, a diaphragm, a gasket, a cavity, a covering, a PCB setting up, and also an LED.
The pole item and the diaphragm inside the pneumatically-driven switch develop a level capacitor structure with each other. When the air circulation enters the cavity, the diaphragm starts to vibrate, triggering the electric field at both ends of the capacitor to alter, creating a voltage signal that transforms with the air circulation, and also finishing the air circulation signal to the electric signal. transformation.
Functioning procedure of the pneumatic switch: When there is a suction action, the pneumatically-driven switch spots the adverse stress generated by cigarette smoking, the internal result switch is turned on, the heating cable is heated, and the e-liquid is atomized under the action of heat as well as emerges from the cigarette holder with the air flow.
The pneumatic button has the following functions:
Find battery voltage, and also continually blink alarm when the voltage is reduced;
When smoking cigarettes, control the LED light on;
After smoking cigarettes, shut off the internal output switch, as well as the LED light will go out.
2. Summary of integrated IC efficiency
In the pneumatically-driven button of the disposable vapor cigarette, in order to incorporate the equivalent management function and also put the control program, the chip programmed with the shows language as well as the pneumatically-driven button are usually incorporated right into an IC element, and the burner chauffeur and LED motorist are frequently incorporated inside. And charger circuit, and ASIC design is embraced, to make sure that there will be no crash of the central controller plan, nor the phenomenon that the chip can not be reset due to less than the critical voltage.
3. Feature understanding of control module
The integrated IC of the disposable electric cigarette contains a short circuit security function (SCP), an undervoltage defense feature (UVLO), an overheat protection feature (OTP) and also an LED work sign function, which can successfully finish the specification detection in the job of the vapor cigarette, as well as the control system is constantly It operates typically according to the established process parameters.

The following is a short intro of each useful component on the control panel individually:
Oscillator (OSC): The system incorporates a clock control signal with a main oscillation frequency of 33KHz, which provides the called for clock frequency for the inner circuit of the system to make certain the normal operation of the chip and the accuracy of the sign feature.
Security control component: The chip incorporates an under-voltage protection component (UVLO) to identify the power supply voltage of the system battery. When the operating voltage is less than 3.1 V, the UVL0 output make it possible for is valid; the short-circuit security module (SCP) is used to Indicates that the load resistance of the atomizing cable is less than 1Ω; the over-temperature protection component (OTP) is used to manage the operating temperature level of the system to avoid the chip from being shortened due to getting too hot of the system.
Air flow switch: The system incorporates an air flow switch, which will certainly generate a control signal when it detects that the adverse stress is more than a certain collection value (regarding 300Pa). The sensitivity of the microphone heads generated by various makers will be various to a certain extent, so the adverse pressure worth found is not the same.
Charging component: Internal integrated charging administration, the lithium battery can be charged by connecting the outside voltage directly to 5V.
LED display component: standing information sign, with progressive brightening and also steady fire result and also flickering function.
AT output component: integrated M lower result, straight connected to the burner.
Reasoning control: each module of the system is managed by the main controller.

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