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Is There A Way to Make Sex Toys as Realistic as Possible?道場

Is There A Way to Make Sex Toys as Realistic as Possible?道場




Customers can choose custom doll hair

Then, people who buy TPE sex doll can choose different types of sounds for their own "girlfriends." But customization will cost buyers an extra £143 on the £2,500 of the sex robot itself. But he insisted on his decision.

He said: "Technology is always like that: people are against it, people just want it. But in the end, if you develop technology in the right way, you will always bring many benefits to people," he said. The company produces anatomically correct girl imitations, only five years old.

The general public's reaction is one of anger. But he said that they are a tool for people like him who continue to be attractive to children. He said: "We should accept that there is no way to change the fetish of others.

The manufacturer even customizes a Japanese sex doll according to your specific requirements, so you can choose her bust size, hair color, eyes and everything about her until the movable finger. I believe that if the journey in life is more tolerable, it will be perfect.

“I don’t think sex robots will reduce sex trade. It will be another option on the already distorted and dehumanized business market menu,” says De Montfort University scholars, who have been studying robotics. ten years.

“We feel that we have finally found something that is indistinguishable from reality.” These dolls are part of the Japanese high-tech industry, which has been looking for ways to make sex toys as realistic as possible. When buying a love doll, the customer can choose to customize everything from hair, eyes and skin color to chest size and even the shape and style of the vagina.

From a blonde blonde posing as a night to a brunette who is seductively lying in bed, these stuffy bombs look like every man's dream companion. Even the close-ups show their pouting beauty, which will make any red-blooded male pulse game.

She added: "My photos are about life, relationships and sexual behavior. Some people are repelled by dolls, while others are sympathetic to them. I am helping people express their wishes in law and morality. If you If you have to endure the suppressed desire, then it is not worth it."

Women can anonymously submit their voice lending doll robots, a sex robot created by the sex doll Dr. However, Catherine Richardson, an ethicist and founder of the anti-robot movement, disagreed that sex robots would curb sex trades, but said they would become another "menu choice" for human prostitutes.

Stacy with 12 real dolls explains how she is involved in collecting and filming her plastic themes. “I watched a TV show called REAL SEX, which included silicone sex doll,” she said. The latest models include an active connector designed to place a "girlfriend" anywhere the buyer likes.

The commentator said: "Of course this can't be healthy. For some people who have been playing with dolls, it's not a huge improvement to grab a child and try the real situation." You want to make these super charming Is the "woman" called your girlfriend?

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