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Sex Doll Robots道場

Sex Doll Robots道場


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Sex dolls can build deep and intimate relationships with you
Of course, the services provided by sex workers are compared to the services provided by sex dolls. In a world that encourages men to suppress and suppress their emotions, it is not uncommon for sex dolls to often act as impromptu therapists for their clients. “A lot of my work is related to the intimacy of non-sexual desire. I am in contact with them,” she said. "They talked to me about their troubles... This is a real connection between many people. I do have customers who have no sex at all, they just want to hug and talk to me."

Prostitution is called the “oldest profession” for good reason: the demand for paid sex is always high and may always exist. But that doesn't mean the industry is completely immune to change. So far, due to the ubiquitous free online porn, we have seen strip clubs and erotic cinemas closed. If sex dolls and robots become complex enough to convincingly replicate IRL gender, who can say that a few brothels in rural Nevada do not suffer the same fate?

At the same time, in Spain, Dr. Electronic Engineer hopes that you can see her. This realistic silicone sex doll can talk, although she sounds like an early school in school; she can also suck a lollipop.

Their interest in these TPE doll comes from their latest incarnation. Sex doll manufacturers are now designing prototypes for robots and artificial intelligence. This is consistent with Kate's expertise. She studied human-computer interaction and artificial intelligence at King's College London. Kate said that she saw a more advanced model, a sex doll robot, programmed to provide friendship and sex.

This is a far cry from the $120 an hour quoted by a sex doll brothel, but brothels also tend to get huge commissions from their workers. They also don't pay the majority of the staff's expenses, which saves management a lot of money: she says she pays for room and board when she works at the ranch, as well as her own drinks, condoms, sex toys, her hair and nails.

Although 3D printing has been used by other fields to create almost identical human replicas, such as real human sex doll, it simply uses its agreed model team to create facial blueprints. This is to prevent customers from creating copies of real women who are not consenting.

Now, the doll creator has just been working on this type of thing for about 20 years - is launching her sister, a fun sex robot: her face falls off.

It is not the first sex brothel of the same type: there are similar places in Barcelona, ​​Moscow and Turin, Italy. This sex doll brothel is also mistakenly called "sexual robot brothel", although most people do not have this artificial intelligence.

Regarding the mini 100cm doll, we are rethinking that the gap between humans and machines is shrinking. How likely is it to build a deep and intimate relationship with an artificial enthusiast? Would it be helpful if these lovers were beautifully designed, looked like humans, and had weak empathy and wisdom?

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